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Woodinville Sleep Improvement Center would like to introduce the newest and easiest way to screen for sleep apnea. If you snore or suspect sleep apnea, this compact screening device uses the newest technology and the best part, its FREE and SIMPLE to use.
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Woodinville Sleep Improvement Center is a family owned and completely independent sleep diagnostic center and clinic. We are dedicated to understanding you and restoring your good sleep. Since April 2009, the Woodinville Sleep Improvement Center has helped hundreds of people who have trouble with their sleep. Our pledge to you is to clinically recognize and efficiency treat your sleep problems.

Bad sleep can be frustrating. It affects your health and the health of those who live with you. We diagnose simple and complex sleep issues. The overnight sleep study, called a Polysomnogram, is the same service done anywhere you go. Since Woodinville Sleep is not a hospital based sleep center which will charge you a substantial facility fee, OUR BILLING RATES ARE USUALLY 40% LOWER.

By opening a more relaxed, safe and comfortable sleep center in downtown Woodinville, we provide a convenient experience much better than the traditional, sterile, and expensive hospital-based sleep center. Click the tabs above for more information to see why we stand apart from the others, and see how easy it is to schedule your appointment.

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